About Us

The Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Viticulture® was brought into being in 2014 and its goal is:

  • to revive, preserve and develop the Polish and European wine traditions as well as the cultural heritage connected with wine making and vine growing,
  • to conduct educational activities on grapevine growing, the production and sale of wine,
  • to cooperate in the process of improving the quality of wine produced in Poland, the culture of drinking it and the process of the economic efficiency growth of the Polish wine-making.

The name of the Foundation refers to a historical region of Galicia which formed the biggest province of the multinational Habsburg Monarchy. Galicia was the place of great national and religious changes and a common homeland of Poles, Ruthenians, Germans, Jews, Armenians, Karaites, Moldovans, Czechs, Hungarians and the Roma.

One of the Foundation’s actions taken to pursue the above-mentioned objectives is to organise the International Wine Competition GALICJA VITIS®. In this way, we have been trying to cultivate the multinational wine traditions of former Galicia by strengthening friendly cooperation of the winemakers from all over Central Europe, who have been closely connected for ages with rich wine traditions and trade in wine.