12th International Wine Competition GALICJA VITIS Krynica Zdrój 2024

Regulations of the Competition



1. Aim of the Competition

The overall idea of International Wine Competition GALICJA VITIS 2024 (Międzynarodowy Konkurs Win GALICJA VITIS 2024), hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”, is to cultivate historical wine-related traditions and friendly relations with neighboring wine-producing countries of Central Europe. The direct goal of the Competitions is to compare the quality of wines from Central Europe with those originated  from the rest of the world and to promote culture of wine even in non-producing regions.

2. The organisers of the Competition

The Organiser of the Competition is Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Winegrowing GALICJA VITIS (Fundacja Na Rzecz Rozwoju i Promocji Winiarstwa GALICJA VITIS) – https://galicjavitis.pl/

3. Date of the Competition

The Competition will take place at 16th and 17th May of 2024 in Krynica Zdrój.

4. Conditions of Participation

Any producer or distributor of wine from any country of the World, hereinafter referred to as the “applicant”, which accepts terms of these Regulation, may submit the wine for the Competition. Each applicant may enter to the Competition an unlimited number of wines.

Submitted to the Competition could be only wine which:

  • meets the definition of wine included in the OIV International Code of Oenological Practices
  • was obtained exclusively from grapes harvested in the country in which the wine was bottled.

To submit the wine to the Competition should be fulfilled following conditions:

  • up to 7th May 2024 send the completed Application Form (please find enclosed to this Regulations) to the email address: konkurs@galicjavitis.pl
  • up to 7th May 2024 pay the participation fee, in accordance with paragraph 5.
  • up to 7th May 2024 deliver the wine sample by post, courier service or personally to the address: Roman Myśliwiec, Fundacja GALICJA VITIS, ul. Krakowska 100a, 38-200 Jasło, POLAND
  • each wine sample submitted for the Competition should consist of three bottles of 0.75 litres or bigger, or an appropriate number of smaller bottles with a total capacity of not less than 2 litres (eg. 4 bottles of 0.5 litres, or 6 bottles of 0,375 litres), hereinafter referred to as the “sample”,
  • the bottles composing one sample should be packed all together into one package (the same package may contain several complete samples),
  • the package containing the sample, as well as each bottle individually should be marked with a label containing the name of wine, name of winery or producer and reference of the appropriate category, in accordance with paragraph 8.
  • The sampled incorrectly labelled will not be admitted to the competition. Submitted and delivered samples become the property of the Organizer. All costs of supplying the samples shall be borne by the applicant.

    Each package containing the sample should be clearly marked: “GALICJA VITIS 2024”. Samples sent out from abroad should have additional marking: “Samples of no commercial value”. For the purposes of customs formalities, please attach to each such sample pro-forma invoice with value of 1.00 euro.

    5. Fees

    The participation fee is 30 EUR for each sample submitted to the Competition.

    Payment should be done up to 7th May 2024  to the account of

    Fundacja GALICJA VITIS, 38-200 Jasło, ul. Krakowska 100a, account number: for payments in EUR: PL 92 2030 0045 3110 0000 0036 1430, SWIFT: PPABPLPKXXX

    6. Composition of the Jury

    The Jury consists of several judging committees and the Presidium of the Competition.

    Each committee consists of at least five judges from different countries, which possess professional skills to the evaluation of wine, but the judges from Poland should not constitute more than half of the members of given committee. The work of each committee is managed by the chairman appointed by the Presidium of the Competition. The number of committees depends on the amount of samples submitted to the Competition.

    Presidium of the Competition consists of President of the Jury, technical director (enologist) and legal adviser of the Competition. Presidium is responsible for the organization and operation of the Competition, and to ensure any conditions for a fair and impartial assessment of wines submitted for the Competition.

    7. The judging of wines

    All samples of wines will be judged anonymously and served with concealed bottles marked with registration number. For the attention of the jury could given only category of wine and vintage.

    Samples will assessed within a single category, in accordance with paragraph 8. The order of serving the samples within given category shall be determined according to the following criteria (which are taken into account in the following order:

    1) vintage
    2) residual sugar content
    3) alcohol content

    Wines will be evaluated according to the 100-point rating system recommended by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). The final score for given sample will be calculated as the arithmetic average of the marks given by individual jurors, after rejecting the extreme ratings. In the case when more than one wine will be granted by the highest number of points in given category, to the choosing a champion will be taken into account the scores of all the members of the Jury.

    Tasting sheets with the results of evaluation should be stored by the organizers of the competition for a period of not less than 2 years.


8. Wine categories

Wines will be judged within following categories:

Category: Residual sugar content (g/l): Category reference:
I. White wines
– dry (up to 4) I.1
– semi-dry (above 4 up to 12) I.2
– semi-sweet (above 12 up to 45) I.3
II. Rose wines
– dry (up to 4) II.4
– others (above 4 up to 45) II.5
III. Red wines
– dry (up to 4) III.6
– others (above 4 up to 45) III.7
IV. Semi-sparkling and sparkling wines
– dry (up to 15) IV.8
– others (above 15) IV.9
V. White wines obtained from dark-skinned grape varieties (blanc-de-noir)
– dry (up to 4) V.10
– others (above 4 up to 45) V.11

VI. White wines obtained by use of special technologies

Category includes: wines aged under a film of yeasts (flor), wines obtained by long maceration of light-skinned grape varieties, wines produced from overripe, botrytised or partially dried grapes, etc., except sweet wines with content of residual sugar above 45 g/l.

– dry (up to 4) VI.12
– others (above 4 up to 45) VI.13
VII. Naturally sweet wines (non-fortified)
– other than botrytised (above 45) VII.14
– botrytised (above 45) VII.15
VIII. Liqueur wines (fortified)
– dry (up to 6) VIII.16
– others (above 6) VIII.17

N. “Natural” wines

Subcategory includes: wines obtained from organic or biodynamic vineyards and wines produced without sulphuring or with minimal dose of SO2.

– should be additionally marked with the letter “N” placed after the appropriate category reference, mentioned above …. N

9. Awards and Prizes

For the highest-scoring wines will be awarded the medals and the titles of Champion in given category.

The highest rated wines of the Competition may obtain following medals:

1) Grand Gold Medal – for the wines which have received at least 92 points
2) Gold Medal – for the wines which have received at least 88 points
3) Silver Medal – for the wines which have received at least 84 points

However, the total number of awarded medals must not exceed 30 percent of the number of all samples submitted to the Competition.

The title of Champion may be awarded for the highest rated wines in the following categories:

  • dry white wines (including categories I.1, V.10 and VI.12)
  • semi-dry and semi-sweet white wines (including categories I.2, I.3, V.11 and VI.13)
  • rose wines (including categories II.4 and II.5)
  • red wines (including categories III.6 and III.7)
  • semi-sparkling and sparkling wines (including categories IV.8 and IV.9)
  • naturally sweet wines (including categories VII.14 and VII.15)
  • liqueur wines (including categories VIII.16 and VIII.17)
  • natural wines (subcategory N)

The title of Champion will be not granted if less than 10 samples was submitted for the Competition in the given category.

The Jury may not award any medal in given category. Regardless of mentioned medals and championships the Jury may award the special prizes. Decisions of the Jury are final.

10. Special Provisions

The organiser reserve the right to print and distribute the self-adhesive labels stating the awards of the Competition (titles of Champion and medals). The applicant – producer or distributor of awarded wine can buy these label, then can use them without restriction until exhausted the stocks of mentioned wine. Any other marking of bottles with the motifs related to the Competition than with the labels issued by the organiser is prohibited. Further information on the feasibility and costs of acquisition of labels will be sent to the applicants in separate message.

However the producer or distributor of awarded wine can use the graphic motifs of the medal, diploma or others related to the Competition in promotional materials, catalogues, price lists, on website, etc. by written approval of the Organiser.

Results of the Competition (only with wines with an assessment at least 80 points) will be published on the website https://galicjavitis.pl/ and will be send to the media.

Participation in the Competition indicates the acceptance of Terms and Conditions of this Regulations.

Partners of the Competition