Objectives of the Foundation

The goal of the Foundation is to revive, preserve and develop the Polish and European wine traditions as well as the cultural heritage connected with wine making and vine growing, to conduct educational activities on wine consumption and grapevine growing, the production of wine, its marketing and sale, as well as cooperation in the process of improving the quality of wine produced in Poland, the culture of drinking it and the economic efficiency growth of the Polish wine-making.

The specific objectives of the Foundation are:

  • popularisation of the Polish and European wine traditions, popularisation of wine drinking culture,
  • popularisation of vine growing in Poland and production of our national grape wines,
  • conducting courses and training on how to start and run a vineyard, how to organise grape processing and viticultural agrotourism, providing and spreading expertise on vine growing and winery, taking care of high quality wine production,
  • enabling the Polish wine producers and other specialists from the wine industry to gain professional knowledge about wine in accordance with the international standards of training in this field,
  • promoting the culture of wine in Poland,
  • promoting our domestic grape wines in Poland and abroad,
  • popularisation of environmentally friendly methods of cultivation and production of wine,
  • popularisation of the Polish wine traditions and protection of the Polish wine landmarks,
  • improving the life quality in rural areas, protecting the landscape and natural environment, assisting the integration processes with the European Union.

The Foundation implements its objectives by:

  • setting up “Podkarpacka Akedemia Wina” /the Subcarpathian Wine Academy/ with its registered office in Jasło,
  • taking, carrying out, initiating, supporting and coordinating various activities in favour of developing vine growing and processing grapes in Poland, as well as protection of cultural heritage and natural environment,
  • initiating, carrying out and promoting various forms of activities, which might contribute to restoration and development of the Polish and European wine traditions,
  • carrying out educational activity, especially the one dealing with the knowledge on vine growing, grape processing and wine production, organising, marketing and wine sale, as well as agrotourist and enotourist activities,
  • carrying out a publishing activity consisting of production and dissemination of books, magazines, fliers, audiovisual materials, etc., as well as IT activity,
  • organising wine competitions of international concern,
  • carrying out guidance, consultation and expertise, as well as conducting and supporting scientific research and implementation in the field of vine growing and wine making,
  • cooperation with relevant national and foreign organisations,
  • interacting with the government and institutions which are interested in the Foundation’s activity,
  • issuing opinions on legislative acts and administrative decisions concerning vine growing and national grape wine making, as well as developing rural areas,
  • establishing and running educational institutions which promote wine knowledge,
  • making requests to the public and local authorities and other organisations and institutions, including the international ones, assessing their activities in order to form legal, social and ethical standards regarding vine growing and wine making, respecting cultural and natural values, a possibility of comprehensive development of rural areas and local economic operators,
  • establishing a cooperation with social and local government organisations.